Fall Brook Point Camp Sites

It is our intent to make available to you, at a reasonable rate, facilities which will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of Skaneateles Lake and its surroundings, in a safe and respectful manner. It is further intended to have a harmonious and family-like atmosphere, protect the property and the environment, and respect the rights of others, as you would have others respect your rights.

No written document can entirely outline every rule and regulation to be followed. Having said that, the following is offered, not in any order of priority, as a guideline of conduct while enjoying your stay at Fall Brook Point. Nothing is perfect, but maturity, patience, and understanding, along with respect, courtesy, and good judgment, will benefit everyone.


Water is dangerous.
Use proper equipment.
Supervise children at all times.
Use the buddy system-NEVER swim alone.
Fire is dangerous.
Keep matches away from children.
DO NOT leave fires unattended.

Secure ALL VEHICLES in the proper gear with the emergency brake on. We do not want any rolling cars.
Drive slowly.
Park properly in designated areas.



2) NO FIREARMS ALLOWED! If you have a gun permit and elect to carry a firearm professionally, NO DISCHARGING OF FIREARMS IS PERMITTED.

3) NO CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED, unless prescribed by a licensed physician, and secured in its labeled container.


No cutting of trees, etc.
Dispose of cigarettes properly. Smoking permitted only outside the homes.
Pick up your own debris and properly dispose of it. (Cups, cans, bottles, bottle tops, paper plates etc.)
If you need to move any furniture or outside articles etc., please put them back.
If you break something, please notify management or replace it.
Please turn out lights when not in use. Next to taxes, this is our greatest expense.
Close the windows as necessary to prevent the rain from entering. This is imperative as the wood floors can be ruined with just one big storm!

Departure time is 11:00 AM. Kindly leave all the facilities in the same, if not better, condition as you found them for the next guests. We cannot stress this enough. Please pay particular attention to the beach, the barbeques, fire pits, and pet droppings. Each year, we will provide you with information and rates for our contracted cleaning service. Any instances reported of damage, vandalism, or of facilities being left in poor condition is considered a breach of this agreement and those responsible will not be welcome at Fall Brook in the future.

Arrival: Arrival is 3:00 PM. If, upon your arrival, you are not satisfied with the condition of the camp, please contact John Muscari, Michele Anthony, or Paul Anthony Jr. immediately.

7) You are responsible and liable for your actions and those of your family, friends, guests, and pets.

8) No subleases without approval.

9) Restrictions Of Property Use: No commercial or private functions on site. (Company parties, conventions, sale shows, weddings, rehearsal dinners, reunions…) If you have any doubt, always check with Michele.

10) Being a paying guest during a specific period of time does not automatically extend your rights to use the facilities at other times. You must ask.

11) Note that the steps and the footbridge have been painted with non-slip paint. However they can be slippery when wet, particularly with leaves on them. Sweep off the leaves, use caution, and hold on.

12) Toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues are provided for the first tenants. Please replace these for the next guests.

13) Fire pits: Keep fire pits clean. The fire pit is not a place for trash!

14) Window screens are provided for your comfort for the doors and many of the windows. As a safety measure for small children on the upper floors, half screens should be put on the top portion of the window. As a result, the children will be safer and adequate ventilation should prevail.

15) Pets: We currently continue to allow your pets to enjoy their freedom at Fall Brook Point. However, you know the damage they can cause if left unattended and the nuisance they can create for neighbors. In order to continue offering this privilege, we must insist that you clean up after your pet. It is in everyone’s best interest that you clean up after them DAILY and again at the conclusion of your stay. This will keep everyone and everywhere much cleaner and happier.  If you have any concerns about this upon arrival at the camp, please contact Michele. Maximum number of dogs per house is two (2).  No cats permitted.

16) Trash: Trash is collected at the entrance to the property along Route 41A. Trash receptacles are provided there for your convenience. Also, please do not leave plastic trash bags out overnight or the animals will make a mess!

17) Phone: There are no land lines at the Fall Brook Point facilities.  Please use your cell phone.

18) Swim platforms & docks: The water sports on Skaneateles Lake are the best around! We encourage you to enjoy the swimming, boating, water-skiing, etc. However, we have encountered some problems with the SWIM PLATFORMS that we provide. Please DO NOT tie off any boats, jet skis etc. to the swim platforms. They are not intended for this purpose and are not designed for this purpose. They are strictly for swimming use. PLEASE use the docks or the moorings for your recreational water equipment. Thank you. Also, please exercise caution when using the docks. It is best to not leave your boat at the dock overnight, as we have experienced costly dock damage as a result of unexpected weather changes. If the water is rough or storms are expected, PLEASE use the moorings for your recreational water equipment. Thank you.

19) We expect that you will have guests during your stay at Fall Brook. But please, be respectful of your neighbors. No tents and no motor homes/campers of any kind. NO exceptions!

20) Motor Bikes and ATV’s: Because of the terrain of Fall Brook, cliffs, wooded hills, ravines etc., the use of motor bikes and ATVs is strictly prohibited.

21) Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors are for your safety. Both the Main House and South Camp at Fall Brook are monitored by smoke detectors. Under NO circumstances are smoke detectors to be disarmed or removed. Anyone found tampering with these devices or removing them will not be welcome back to Fall Brook. We begin each season with new batteries in every smoke detector.

22) Boat Launching: Boat Launching is permitted for TENANTS ONLY. Renters are allowed one motor boat and up to 4 jet skis while at Fall Brook….no exceptions! If this does not accommodate your circumstances please call Michele Anthony to discuss what you have in mind.

23) Trespassing: Anyone who is not a current renter or an invited guest of a current renter is a trespasser. NO ONE has permission to launch boats, walk the beach, stroll the property, sit at the Love Nest, fish or otherwise be on any of Fall Brook’s 40 acres. If while you are staying with us someone represents themselves as having permission from the owner, please get their name and just walk away. Then please call John Muscari, Michele Anthony, or Paul Anthony, Jr. ASAP!

You are invited to make comments and recommendations. Your input is important to us. You may do so at peaceful@fallbrookpoint.com.

In conclusion, please remember that Fall Brook Point is more than a rental property to us. We too come with our families to enjoy everything this incredible place has to offer. We welcome you as guests in our home and in turn request that you treat our home with the utmost respect that it deserves.

Thank you,

The Muscari Family Partnership, L.P.



JOHN MUSCARI: 610-209-4042


PAUL ANTHONY, JR.: 215-260-7027



Camp located in the Town of Niles in Cayuga County

Please use your cell phone. There are no landlines at Fall Brook Point.

Garbage pick up is Monday morning at 8:00 AM. Receptacles are provided at the main gate on Route 41A. Please bring all your trash up to these receptacles.